The Home Stretch

Ford Torpedo
Rendering of the completed 1912 Ford Torpedo model.

The Ford Torpedo model is completed and shaded as it should have appeared as it came off the assembly line in 1912. Shiny and new. The model will play a tiny role in the current scene but I’m hoping to feature it more prominently in another one, eventually.

Farm Wagon
Farmer with a load of apples, on his way to the fruit warehouse.

In the meantime, the long process of creating a set of basic human models is also complete, and individuals are assembled to add to the scene.

In contrast to the newfangled horseless carriage, a more common mode of transportation – the horse-drawn box farm wagon – is used to haul produce.

Steamer Pilothouse
Our steamer finally gets a crew.

And the good steam canal boat Ashford is crewless no more with the addition of a pilot and fireman.

Canal Boat Family
Canal boats served as homes as well as a livelihood for the families that operated them.

People add a storytelling element to the scene. For example, canal boats were often owned and operated by families who lived on them year-round.

School children
Two children (one with McGuffey Reader in hand) will be placed on the towpath.

And children running home from school will add a small detail to the canal’s towpath.

Farm Buildings
A farm shed and corn crib will be placed in the background, along with a farm house.

And a group of farm buildings visible in historical photographs of the area are modeled to be placed in the background.

And with that, all of the individual models for the scene (bridge, buildings, boats, interurban car, people, etc. – nearly 50 altogether) are finally done.

Now it’s time to revisit the entire scene to fix some long-neglected problems and to add foliage and other small details overlooked until now. And to decide on the final lighting and camera angles. But we’re very close to finishing.