Hello, and thank you for stopping by. We’ll keep this brief:

My name is Steve Boerner. I’ve spent my entire professional life in the communications business – first as a newspaper photographer, editor and designer, now as a freelance graphic designer.

Most of what I know has been acquired on the job: partly through trial and error, partly through the patient tutoring of more experienced hands. I’ve always been interested in learning and sharing new skills.

Dots and Lines is a way for me to indulge in that interest: To share ideas and techniques and to talk about graphic design – especially informational graphic design. Maybe we’ll deconstruct some designs; others will be documented as works in progress. Throughout, I’ll try to keep the focus on why – why design decisions are made, why some designs work better than others – as much as how they are put together.

Feel free to check out a few more examples of my work; you can contact me at smb@steveboerner.com.